Why Attend the inaugural Grounded by Design?

We expect that you will come home with insight into new innovations, products, and services to consider for projects, and your participation will act as a proof point to position yourself as a leader in the sustainable and wellness design space.


What’s more?

  • Get outdoors and be one with Nature. We’ve intentionally designed Grounded by Design as a balanced work and revitalization retreat. Educational and networking activities get you out of conference rooms and into the environment.
  • Programming at the event is specifically designed to help you understand how to use products and services showcased to drive revenue, and reduce costs, for your clients.
  • Workshops will focus on actions to take and messaging to use to position sustainability and wellness with your peers, project owners and clients.
  • We will arm you with tools and insight to simply answer the question often asked by clients and stakeholders of “Why should I focus on sustainability and wellness in my project?”


Suppliers and Manufacturers

Are you supplier, manufacturer or product company representative interested in learning more or attending? Please contact us so we can talk about how you might integrate into the Grounded by Design platform.

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