What is Grounded by Design?

Grounded by Design will become the industry networking channel to support the evolution and transformation of hospitality spaces to be sustainability and wellness led. Grounded by Design helps designers, suppliers, brands, and owners create hospitality spaces that allow people – from team members, to guests, and the local community – and the planet to thrive.

Beyond our inaugural retreat, Grounded by Design will include a platform of events, educational information, and networking tools to help support the design community in sustainability and wellness endeavors. By 2025, the Grounded by Design platform will be the industry home and go-to community for sustainability and wellness within hospitality design.

Who we are

We are a passionate group of hospitality design, development and strategy leaders who see an opportunity for our industry to better align with the rapidly growing wellness and sustainability movement. Simply put, we believe that this is mission critical and for too long price and wellbeing centered design practices have been at odds. Now, wellbeing of our guests and teams isn’t an option – it’s a must have. We’ve developed Grounded by Design to be a platform to bring together brands, developers, designers and suppliers to innovate and bring new cost efficient, environmentally conscious and wellness centered products and offers to market.

Our Experience

  • Hospitality Design & Procurement
  • Wellness and Wellbeing Programming
  • Brand Development
  • Innovative Events
  • Training and Education
  • Business Evolution and Strategy

The Proof is in the numbers: Why Now?


Designers meeting collectively to explore wellbeing innovations



Growth of wellness tourism over standard tourism


Wellness communities and projects globally forecasted in the next 10 years

$134 B

The Global wellness real estate economy

Our Team

Grounded By Design is part of the NEXT Events portfolio of unparalleled events for the hospitality interior design industry.

NEXT Events connects hospitality design leaders with suppliers in an engaging environment and through interactive events – crafted to ensure the progression of meaningful relationships.

Michael Schneider

President and CEO

As President & CEO of NEXT Events, Michael Schneider has spent the last 15 years leveraging relationships and developing innovative ways for his clients to market their business. Michael founded the Boutique Design brand in 2005, which recently was a acquired for a second time by a publicly-traded company for $45M. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has spent the last 15 years leveraging relationships and developing innovative business platforms. Michael enjoys fitness, flying planes, and connecting with nature in his upstate New York home with his wife, three sons, and rescue dog.

Leeza McKeown


Leeza McKeown is a business strategist on a mission to build a happier, healthier, and greener world, and she is the COO of Grounded by Design. Combining experience in management consulting, economics, and entrepreneurship, she now partners with leaders in the design, wellness, and sustainability industries to breathe life to their ventures. Leeza has led management consulting teams all over the world; co-founded two growing NYC-based startups; and completed over fifty strategy assessments that helped her clients unlock the full scope of their mission-driven impact while dramatically increasing their profits. Leeza holds a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, is also a certified yoga instructor, and is a lover of art, nature, and travel. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband and their loving rescue pup.

Adam Glickman is the principal of Parallax Wellness + Hospitality, a partner of Grounded by Design, and leader in bringing memorable hospitality brand concepts to life for hotels and other real estate development projects. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, he has a passion for creating premium, distinctive, and wellness-forward brand concepts and helping non-hospitality wellness companies navigate the complexities of the hotel industry to form partnerships and grow. Adam earned a BS in Hospitality Management from the Cornell Hotel School and an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Adam is a wellness and travel enthusiast who lives in Atlanta, GA with his husband and loving pup. For more information about Parallax Wellness + Hospitality, visit www.parallaxhospitality.com.

Scott Rickles

Scott Rickles is a hospitality interior design veteran, forging intimate connections in the industry for over 40 years. Scott is working to help promote and grow Grounded by Design.

Ben Skidmore

Ben Skidmore is a marketing strategy leader. He has been partnering with suppliers to the design community for over a decade and is also  working to help promote and grow Grounded by Design.

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